September 2019   
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Care Team
Associate Pastor: Sam Wagner (814-432-3019 ext. 307)


We meet every Thursday morning. Cards and notes are prepared, prayed over and mailed. Phone calls are made from volunteer's home to those in the congregation or the visitors, depending on the various concerns set before the team. This is a personal and friendly way to keep in touch!

                         Contact:  Lois Cross  (H: 814-437-5378)  

Sacrament of Holy Communion for those Homebound or in a Personal Care Facility

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is made available for those involuntarily absent from the Sunday morning Lord's Supper celebrations. To those who are homebound, residents of personal care facilities, or are in other involuntary situations which preclude their presence at coporate worship, the receiving of Holy Communion can be arranged through one of the pastors, assisted by a team of Communion Shepherds. Those in need of this ministry or wshing to inquire on behalf of a person wishing to participate please contact the church office at 814-432-3019. ext. 300.

If you are interested in becoming a Communion Shepherd or would like more information, please contact:

                           Sam Wagner, Associate Pastor (W: 814-432-3019, ext 307)

Sunday Communion Stewards

Here is an opportunity to serve by preparing and cutting of the communion breads, filling of the goblets with grape juice and taking the items to the sanctuary. Two to three people are usually involved for each of the three services.

                           Contact: Bev Lake (H: 814-437-6262)