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What is Worship?

What is Worship?

The word "worship" comes from an old English word that literally means "worth-ship,” denoting someone’s worthiness to receive special honor. The Biblical use of the word emphasizes the act of prostration or falling on one's knees. Worship draws us together with this attitude – recognizing that God is the holy and unfathomable Creator of all. We also come gratefully, because God reaches toward us and seeks to live in relationship with us. We believe that God has expressed this desire supremely through Jesus Christ. In worship we acknowledge who God is, give thanks for God’s grace, love, and forgiveness, and respond by seeking to live as instructed by the scriptures.

While Christians worship in many ways and places, the Bible communicates how the early Church came together regularly as a way of life.  Our human experience – both collective and individual – tells us this is a good idea.

Worship refreshes and renews us. The Sabbath is meant to be a day of rest, when we experience renewal and re-creation. It’s a time of re-balancing, re-centering, and remembering what – and who – is truly most important. Amid the many competing voices that call for attention and allegiance, worshiping together helps us learn, remember, experience, and practice what it means to be the people of God and followers of Jesus Christ.