How to Serve

We have a place for you!

Audio Visual Team

Main Contact:
Tech Director Nick Billingsley
(814) 493-5333
Volunteers are needed for all three Sunday Services as well as various special events held at the Church and in the community throughout the year. Team members consist of: Sound Board Operators, Camera/Video Operators, and Computer Operators. Those who are interested in serving should reach out to Nick Billingsley for more information.

Care Team

Main Contact:
Associate Pastor Sam Wagner
(814) 432-3019 ext. 307

Cards, Calls, and Cares

We meet every Thursday morning. Cards and notes are prepared, prayed over and mailed. Phone calls are made from volunteer’s home to members of the congregation or visitors, depending on the various concerns set before the team. This is a personal and friendly way to keep in touch! For more information contact Lois Cross  (H: 814-437-5378).

Sacrament of Holy Communion for those Homebound or in a Personal Care Facility

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is made available for those involuntarily absent from the Sunday morning Lord’s Supper celebrations. The receiving of Holy Communion can be arranged through one of the pastors, assisted by a team of Communion Shepherds. Those who wish to become a Communion Sheppard should contact Pastor Sam.

Sunday Communion Stewards

An opportunity to serve by preparing and cutting of the communion breads, filling of the goblets with grape juice, and taking the items to the sanctuary. Two to three people are usually involved for each of the three services. To get involved, contact Bev Lake (H: (814) 437-6262 or email

Church Office Assistants

Main Contact:
Administrative Assistant Amy Dick
(814) 432-3019 ext.

The church office is the central area for a multitude of tasks. This is a great place to get involved if you only have a few hours of time to offer a week, or enjoy various administrative tasks. For more information those interested should contact Amy Dick.

College Students Ministries

Main Contact:
Jane Hoover
(814) 437-6631

“Love Boxes”

Usually sent in the middle of October and again in April around finals time, Love Boxes are sent to college students from the congregation. Contents vary from hygiene products, to snacks and stationary items. To donate, or help pack and ship these boxes, contact Jane Hoover.

Prayer Partners

A ministry where each college student is designated a member(s) of Christ Church for consistent prayer over the college student. Often “prayer partners” also send cards, texts and gifts when appropriate to remind the students that Christ Church is close to their hearts and in our prayers. To get involved, contact Sharon Chandler. 814-437-6202

Congregational Care

Main Contact:
Anne Bakker
(814) 432-3019 ext. 310

Food Ministry
Volunteers are needed to assist in preparing and/or delivering meals to those in need throughout our congregation whether it be from surgeries, loss of loved ones, etc. To get involved, contact Anne Bakker for more information.

Visitation Ministry
Volunteers are also needed to visit members of Christ Church in hospitals, nursing homes, and those who are homebound. It is important to Christ Church to show love and spread the message of Christ to those members who are unable to attend Sunday worship, so they can stay connected to Christ Church. Reach out to Anne Bakker if you wish to volunteer in this way.

Funeral Dinners

Main Contact:
Candy Reina
(814) 758-0450

Feeling the support and love from our church in times of loss is very important to Christ Church. Many willing and loving hearts are needed for dinners served by our members after funerals. If you would like to get involved contact Luann Valdesalice for further details.


Main Contact:
Anne Bakker
(814) 432-3019 ext. 310

Welcome Desk
The Welcome Desk is the central point for hospitality at Christ Church. Several volunteers (greeters, ushers, bulletin handouts) are needed in order to make this work, both during our three services as well as any special events held at the church. This is a great ministry for those who love helping in various ways, especially in fellowship. See Anne Bakker for the multitude of ways to get involved.


Main Contact:
Associate Pastor Same Wagner
(814) 432-3019 ext. 307

We encourage people from tenth grade to any age adults to join us and be part of our Choir Ministry. Our songs of praise and worship are selected to follow the message for each Sunday and include older hymns and modern Christian music. For more information contact Sam Wagner.

Praise and Worship Team
We are ensembles of vocalist and instrumentalists who assist with worship leading and musical accompaniment at our Sunday Worship Services.  Those interested in singing, or playing instruments during our time of worship are encouraged to contact Sam Wagner for details.

Outreach Ministries

Main Contact:
Anne Bakker
(814) 432-3019 ext. 310

Drive Through Dinner Ministry
What started as a simple way to serve during Covid, our Drive Through Dinner Ministry has quickly evolved to much more! Come join us the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month as we serve home cooked meals, drive through style, through the back parking lot (Chestnut St.) of our church. Volunteers for this are always needed, and always welcomed. Reach out to Anne Bakker if you would like to serve.