EMBER Youth Ministry

 Ignite the Fire for Christ, and Burn it Bright

 A Student Ministry at CUMC

Open Door

This class consists of adult men and women, primarily age 60 and older.
Study topics are chosen as a class and usually consist of an in-depth study of pertinent scripture as well as other related sources of information. Some of the authors they have used are: Ray Vanderlaan, Max Lucado and John Ortberg. They meet socially as a class in a variety of settings throughout the year. Emphasis is also placed on prayer and the Prayer Board is
reviewed weekly.

Location: Open Door Classroom – Main level to the right of the Sanctuary doors
Teacher: Mikki Chmiel – 813-432-3748 jmchmiel@neo.rr.com
Class President: Tish Way – 814-437-6095 dicktish@pa.rr.com


(Now Meeting in Heritage Hall / Zoom Meeting Option Available)

The Goodwill Class meets Sunday mornings downstairs and is the largest Sunday school group offered at CUMC. Our average attendance is around 35 and we’re diverse in age from mid 30’s to 60’s.

Our Bible studies varies widely and include a weekly study guides. Teaching is open to all members and encouraged.

Our class also offers a yearly retreat at Olmstead Manor in March along with several parties and class meeting.

Come join us, it’s a fun open class sharing and studying God’s Word.


I Cor 16:14, “Do everything in love”. This is our view 24/7.

The class is primarily 55-70 YOs, and primarily married couples. But we have (and welcome) singles, younger/olders and married people/attending separately from spouse. Most of us are parents of adult children with some grandchildren. Most of also have parents in their late 80’s and 90’s.

We are currently studying the gospel John (led by Fred Switzer)–for about 4 months. Prior to this, we studied Ephesians, using a David Jeremiah study for 24 weeks, led by assorted class members. And before that, we did the Guardrails DVD study by Andy Stanley, led by me, 12 weeks.

We feel a strong commitment to the missions of the church. Many of our members have been on ASP (3 as team leaders), some still go. We do a yearly service project at Wesley Woods in the spring. We execute the Spud Bar ( a name based on the popular ASP tool), and all the money goes to missions (because we pay for the supplies).

We eat out monthly for class fellowship at various local restaurants.

Gateway Class

This class is a mix of singles and couples, parents, grandparents, and young adults between the ages of 40-60. We meet in the lower level of church each Sunday from 9:45-10:30am. We strive to grow together in prayer and Bible knowledge, sharing life and challenges together as we walk forward as Christ’s servants in the world!

We have studied a variety of subjects, including Biblical studies written by Max Lacado, Joyce Myers, Andy Stanley, Francis Chan and many more!

Stephanie Mills- 437-1428
Tracy Burkhart

Albright Bible Study Class

This class consists of retired men and women who enjoy Bible reading and discussion. They also hold social meetings at various locations throughout the year.

Paul Alyesworth. 432-4182

Going Deeper

This class consists of men and women of all ages. It is a participatory/discussion format, facilitated by a rotating group of leaders from within the class.

Lois Cross. 437-5378


This new class at CUMC is specific to those who are in college, post-graduate and who have just entered or are already in the work force. This class focuses on those between the ages of 18-25; singles or couples, and discusses issues and Biblical truths that impact their everyday challenges.

Led by Jennifer Billingsley. 814-493-3814